Saturday, November 16, 2013

Lash Rx brings the best Eyelash Extensions to Dallas Tx, and the Dallas Ft Worth metroplex. Visit us 214-702-8291 1700 Commerce St. Ste 1110.

Eyelash Extensions are a great semi-permanent alternative to mascara, expensive and dangerous lash serums and costume false eyelashes, and can extend the length and thickness of your lashes. With a full-set of extensions, there is no need to use lash curlers or mascara.
                       We Offer 3 Styles To choose from
The Natural Look---The Glamour/Dramatic Look-----The Extreme Look

Lash Rx Eyelash Extensions are applied by a licensed, certified and experienced Eyelash Extension technician**

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 1700 Commerce St. Ste 1110. Dallas, Tx 75201