Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Year Special. $150 off For 2 day Lash Extension Training. Location: 1700 Pacific Ave. 1220. Dallas TX 75201 - Call 214-702-8291 for information and registration.

Lash RX now offers Eyelash Extension Training Classes. Financing available today!

Did you know that eyelash extensions are the fastest growing section of the beauty industry? Eyelashes are the latest "must have" for every beauty salon across the country.

The application of Eyelash Extensions is a highly technical and meticulous process requiring well-trained Estheticians and Cosmetologists to perform the procedure. Our Instructors are Licensed Eyelash Extension Specialists who will guide you through the entire process and answer any questions you may have. You will gain your new skill by utilizing the industry's most comprehensive training course and learn the most efficient and effective application techniques at a reasonable cost. 

Our courses are designed to provide you with a strong foundation to master the Eyelash Extension application process. Along with Bella Lash Extensions who offers exceptional product line, now is the time to join this lucrative part of the beauty industry and become certified now.


First day of Training is an intense 4-6 hours course that will educate you on all the important aspects of applying eyelash extensions properly. This is going to be an extremely "Hands ON" training. Our instructors will conduct the training course with a small group of students to ensure that you receive our full and undivided attention and the highest quality training provided today. We strongly recommend the training!

Our Training program is broken down into 3 segments: 

  •  Health, Hygiene and Client Safety

  •  Overview of Eyelash Extensions and Application process 

  •  Client After Care and Marketing Opportunities

Cost of Eyelash Extension Training Program 
$512 to $1050.00

A $500 deposit is required which will go towards your training cost. Training must be scheduled within 21 days of the date you purchase your kit. The remaining balance is due 5 days prior to your scheduled Training date.

Available Training Dates OCTOBER 1-30
 Jan 5-10
Jan 12-17
Jan 19-24


9am - 5pm 
10 seats


Location: 1700 Commerce St suite 1100. Dallas TX 75201  - Call 214-702-8291 for information and   registration.