Thursday, July 9, 2015

Still thinking of Doing Eyelash Extensions? Join Our Next Eyelash Extensions Certification Training Classes in Dallas Tx. Enroll Today call 214-702-8291 for information and registration.

We know the business of lash extensions. Our belief is that an individual cannot learn how to do lashes in two day. Instead of a large group instruction we offer smaller workshop groups. This allows us to focus more on you as an individual. We want you to be the best lash stylist possible.  This workshop will teach you a full understanding of the lash industry before going into business.

To make all training advanced, whether you are a beginner or already practicing Lash Tech. You should have the advanced skills to be the best and give the best to your clients.

Why Us?
We are experts, and obsessed with the lash industry! Always one step ahead of the competition.

• We live & breathe extensions, all day, every day

• We are crazy about the details- We constantly fine tune our experience based on feedback of our clients & our research.

We care about each & every one of our students- We want you to have the best training course and  experience, no excuses.

We've raised the industry standard- With over a 4 years of experience, we are happy to report that we have raised the standards for eyelash extension for the entire industry.

We support our team and local economy- just like our clients we want to ensure the best experience for our team; we provide the best working conditions & benefits for a safe & fun work environment!

beauty Professionals,Cosmetologists, estheticians and makeup artists in the salon and spa industry.
Full tw day high intensity lash extension certification course
1700 Pacific Ave. Ste 1220. Dallas Tx, 75201.  .
Contact Lash Rx at 214-702-8291 for training information.
Free Seminar, Seminar Skills Manual, Business in a box, and an additional