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Texas 4 hour Eyelash Extension Specialist Continuing Education Course

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An eyelash extension specialist is an individual authorized by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) to apply semi-permanent, individual eyelash extensions which is composed of single mink lash  fibers to a person’s eyelashes. Register today for Texas Cosmetology Continuing Education in Eyelash Extension Specialist Continuing Education

Eyelash Extension Specialist C.E Course

This course provides the mandatory 4 hours of continuing education in eyelash extension specialty license, including 1 hour of material dealing with sanitation to renew their license. This course is approved by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation ( TDLR)


    • Sanitation (2 hour)
    • Health & Safety (1 hour)
    • Eyelash Extension- related topics (1 hour)
Our course is one of the fastest and easiest ways to complete your required training. A certificate of completion will be provided once you complete the course.

Reporting CE Hours

Once you have completed the eyelash continuing education, courses, we will report your Texas Cosmetology Continuing Education hours to TDLR within 24/48hrs. To check the completion of the course you can do so by accessing the TDLR website.


State of Texas

Cosmetologist License Renewal Information

Renewal and any payment of license renewal fee are the responsibility of the license holder. More information is available through the TDLR web site or you may contact the TDLR regarding your license at (800) 803-9202.
To renew your Texas Cosmetology Eyelash Extension Specialty License online, click here:

CE Program Approval

You can view our Texas Cosmetology CE approval on the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation website.

 Continuing Education Provider List

If your Interested in Specialty License in Eyelash Extension Application available in Texas!


 1. Besides applying for my license renewal, is there anything else I need to do?
Make sure the continuing education requirement has been completed for renewal of the license.
To renew an operator license or an esthetician, manicurist, esthetician/manicurist or eyelash extension specialty license, or a hair weaving, hair braiding, wig, or shampoo/conditioning specialty certificate that expires on or after September 1, 2012 , a total of 4 hours of continuing education through department-approved courses must be completed. The continuing education hours must include 1 hour of sanitation, and 3 hours of any topic listed in Section 83.120 of the Cosmetology Administrative Rules .
For a timely or a late renewal, a licensee must complete the required continuing education hours within the two year period immediately preceding the renewal date.
  1. Should I wait to submit my license renewal application until after I have completed my continuing education?
No. You may file your renewal application at any time during your renewal period. We encourage you to file the application early so your license won’t expire and you won’t have to pay late renewal fees.
  1. What is the actual amount of instruction time required for one hour of continuing education?
One hour of continuing education is equivalent to 50 minutes of actual instruction time.
  1. Who notifies TDLR that I have completed a required continuing education course?
LashRX will submit to TDLR your continuing education course completion information.
  1. How will I be notified that I have completed a required continuing education course?
LashRX will allow you to print your course completion certificate and send you a course completion email.
  1. Can I get partial credit for completing part of a required continuing education course?
No, partial credit will not be given. However, a provider may allow you to finish the course at another time; when the course is fully completed we will transmit the completion record to TDLR.
  1. Will I be able to go to TDLR’s web site and look up my completed continuing education hours?
  1. How long must I keep a copy of my continuing education certificate of completion?
Licensees are required to keep a copy of the continuing education certificate for two years after the date of course completion.